Monday, June 29, 2009

Mistress Irony

As this scene unfolds, Ava is helplessly bounds and gaff taped to a chair, blindfolded, with massive clamps on her labia lips. Mistress Irony enters with an evil smile on her face, wielding a riding crop and begins the session with a hard slap to Ava`s face! Now that she has her undivided attention, Mistress Irony proceeds to torture her with the riding crop, hair pulling, and verbal abuse. Once warmed up a bit, the blindfold is removed so that Ava can witness the pussy torture that ensues, bringing her to a forced orgasm. Then, the labia clamps are removed to make room for a huge vibrator that is taped to Ava`s clit and turned on "high". To add to the sensory fun, Mistress Irony occasionally squirts poor Ava in the face with ice-cold water, hair pulling, and large nipple clamps. Tired of hearing Ava`s complaints, Mistress Irony inserts a ball-gag into Ava`s now-drooling mouth, and brings her to another forced orgasm! Non-stop, screaming action in this vibrant sex and submission film.

Monday, June 22, 2009

BDSM blog of stories

Are you looking for the best bdsm stories that will sure make you ask for more dominant master dominating a female submissive or for a dominant mistress dominating a male submissive no matter what kind of bdsm lifestyle you are looking we have it all here because this blog is the source of bdsm stories that will sure make you ask for more. From the most domiant master to the most submissive slave we got it all here in this bdsm blog.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rope Bondage and clit clipping

Tying a person is not easy (as you know if you tried) if you don't know the proper techniques. You end up with a lot of rope passing over, under and all around, with knots all over the place, and with a sub that gets free as soon as s/he begins struggling. As we are a site on erotic punishments, in this series of articles you will learn the techniques for which we will call “functional bondage”, the techniques required for binding the sub for immobilizing him or her for a flogging, or for a positional punishment.

We will not write, then, about bondage for aesthetic or erotic purposes. There are sophisticated techniques for that, as the Japanese Nawa Shibari (rope, and to tie, respectively) or Kinbaku (bind tightly) which, if developed for securing and torturing prisoners, are used nowadays for erotic pleasure, but that we find too complicated for practical purposes.

We will take a minimalist approach to bondage, namely using only the minimum of rope required for immobilizing the sub. So, if you like lots of rope all around your subject, or covering him or her with saran wrapping or the like, nothing wrong with it, it sure is fun, but you will not find it here.

Even when we will show other ways for binding, we will talk mainly about ropes, for us the most satisfactory bondage technique, because its association with the past, the movies and the TV.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BDSM Flogging techniques

To the novice flogging may look easy, and actually it’s not that difficult, but it does require concentration and physical exertion along with some practice. However, knowledge of some basic guidelines can greatly enhance the learning curve and enrich the experience for both the “top” and the “bottom”. And a beginner would do well to practice on a wall or pillow, focusing on the intended striking point.

Negotiate Before You Start: Before any flogging, the participants should negotiate what is desired and what isn’t, along with what “safe-word” or other indication the “bottom” is to use to slowdown or stop the flogging. Does the “bottom” like stinging or thud sensations? How open is he or she to new experiences? Has this person had much experience with flogging? Novices may think they can take lots of pain, and then be surprised at what a good flogging actually feels like.

Flogging The Back: The basic area to flog is the upper back on each side of the spine. Try to stay off the spine to prevent injury to the vertebrae and related tissues, and the skinnier the person is the more important this is. Also avoid swinging the tails down the back onto the hips or upper butt, or else this may cause a different kind of pain that is undesirable. Rather than a full swinging motion (this isn’t golf) that carries the tails down the back, stop the flogger immediately after it hits or even pull it backwards in a snapping motion right before it hits. By varying this motion you can control how much of the tails connect with the back; more will cause greater thud while hitting with just the tips will be stingier.


Generally speaking, avoid unintentional ”wrapping,” which is when the tips of the tails wrap around a curved part of the body such as the shoulders, torso, butt or legs. In wrapping the tips accelerate tremendously and the resulting excessive force at the tips almost always causes an undesirable increase in pain. One difficulty in avoiding wrapping is that the tips can fly so fast that you may have trouble seeing them--a person sometimes has to estimate where the tails are hitting, especially in darker environments. In addition, when throwing a flogger people often have a tendency to lunge forward, which can cause wrapping if it’s not compensated for. On rare occasions a bottom may desire wrapping, but then this should be done by mutual agreement and with care to not overdo it.

Cock Ball Torture (CBT)

If there is one item that is central in the FemDom/malesub active play that - without doubt - is the male sex organ. In itself it opens a world of possibilities for fun play, psychological as well as physical and usually both. Let us concentrate for a while on Cock & Ball Torture (a.k.a CBT). There’s an old saying, “When you have him by his balls, his heart and mind will follow.” Well, nothing is more true in an erotic power exchange context.

The Male Genitals: There is a widely spread legend that not only the penis erects, but that the male testicles (balls) will become heavier as they “fill” with semen. That is not true, at least not in the literal sense of the word. However, to the man himself it often indeed feels like that. That is a result of the effects of skin stretching. Skin covers all parts of the male genitals.

The more this skin is stretched the more sensitive it becomes, as nerve endings are forced closer to the surface; thus the skin is more sensitive on an erect penis than on a flaccid one. The skin of the scrotal sac is thicker and is capable of great stretching and becomes even more sensitive when stretched. That is when the man becomes aware of the weight of his balls, hence they suddenly feel heavier. The skin of the cockhead, or glans, is very thin, tightly attached to the underlying tissues, and is extremely sensitive. For play it should not even be thought of as skin but as an integral part of the cockhead. It is important to be aware of the differences in sensitivity between a flaccid and an erect penis. Almost every action during active play - and of course the “things” happening in the mind - will cause the penis to swell and become increasingly sensitive. Hence what may be not painful in the beginning may become very painful (or intense) as play progresses. hence, when it comes to CBT, the trick is to downgrade your impulses instead of upgrading. The penis will “upgrade” whatever it is you are doing all by itself. The experienced FemDom will be looking for exactly that - let the penis (and the mind) do the work for you.

Spanking and different techniques

Spanking is one of the methods in bdsm were you slap as hard as you can the ass of your partner weather it is a male or a female you spank it as long as it turn to red. There are different types of spanking methods
Red butts technique: The scene begins with the spanked standing at the right of the punisher. Make her take position on your lap by herself, or help her bygrabbing her right wrist with your left hand and giving her a tug forward for making her fall in place. As very little effort is necessary to make her fall when her thighs hit yours, she will feel overpowered and dominated. The spanked should rest with all her weight on the lap of the spanker.

BDSM Extreme Sex

This is a blog introducing people to the world of BDSM. BDSM sex have many categories such as bondage, humilation and many more. Lots of great information and pictures showing the ilfestyle of BDSM. BDSM is about master dominating her slave while engage in an extreme bondage sex. Here is a great example of a great male dominance in BDSM were a gorgeous submissive slave suck the cock of her master as she give her master an extreme hot blowjob. This slave is having a great time sucking the cock of her slave, she always has a fashion in sucking cock specially if it is the cock of her master lucky for her master is pleasuring her but letting her suck its cock and after while engage in an extreme bondage sex what a way to end the but to taste a nice and tasty juicy cock of your master.